Event concept and panel description

The Black Sea and Balkans Security Forum to be held in the Romanian port city of Constanta, 14-16 June 2018, has become an annual event jointly organized by the Bucharest-based New Strategy Center together with the Ovidius University and the Metropolitan Area Authorities of Constanța. The first such event was held, also in Constanta, in June 2017, providing a platform for informed debate among officials, scholars, analysts, representatives of non-governmental organizations and international experts on the topical issues of the region.

No matter how one looks at the map, the Black Sea and the Balkans stand out as a geopolitical space where many interests overlap and occasionally collide. It may be fair to say that those twin regions offer a compact image of the multitude of challenges, hopes, fears and also opportunities that are brought to the fore in the current, complicated and often confusing international environment. For those who have the intellectual curiosity and are brave enough to explore the meanders of complexity – this is the place to look at.

With so many developments, good or bad, having occurred in the past year, the Forum of 2018 seeks to examine the present security environment in the Black Sea and the Balkans, mindful of the harsh lessons of history but with an eye on, hopefully, a better future. The specific objectives of the debate are:

• To increase awareness about the importance of peace and stability in the two regions in a dynamic international context;

• To identify the actual security challenges, old and new, that the countries of the area have to face;

• To explore imaginative, rational and realistic solutions, tailored to the specific requirements of the two regions and aimed at mitigating emerging threats and indicating the way forward;

• To foster active contacts and networking among decision makers, security analysts, academics, the civil society and the media.

What is Required for Security and Stability in the Black Sea Region?

B9 & Three Seas Initiative: Complementary Initiatives for a Safer Region

Climate Change and Security in Eastern Europe and the Black Sea Area

Tolerance or Fundamentalism? How We Can Use Religions for a Reconciliation Process

NATO&EU – Stronger Together. The Transatlantic Link and the Stability of the Eastern Europe

Investments in Defense. Are We Ready for the Next Generation Warfare?

Cyber Defense and Cyber Deterrence. The trench from our home

#NATO@70. Strengthening the Resilience and Cooperation in the Black Sea Region and the Balkans

Economic Challenges in the Balkans and the Black Sea Area. An Assessment for a Safer Region

The weaponization of Information. Fake News and Hybrid War

#NATO@70.  Security Challenges in the Black Sea Area and the Balkans

Smart Approach for Safer Cities. Connectivity, Prosperity, Security

The Middle East Chessboard and the Implications for Black Sea region and the Balkans

Military Mobility: a Key Area of NATO – EU Cooperation

The Militarisation of the Black Sea Region: Modus Operandi for other Regions of Europe

Security Challenges in the Black Sea Area and the Balkans

It is very important that the Constanta Forum focuses on the southeastern region of NATO, a region in which we have both conventional and non-conventional security threats, such as cyber attacks. We have an area of priority topics and themes that deserve to be discussed between officials, civil society, academia and business partners.
It is an excellent Security Forum for the Black Sea and the Balkans. It is a valuable initiative to invite top leaders and experts from around the world to discuss the common security challenges.
I am glad to be present here at this honourable and interesting conference, with very lively debates, with very interesting speakers. The forum helped me to see more clearly certain aspects of security about the Black Sea region.