Black Sea and Balkans Security Forum 2018

June 14-16, 2018, Constanța

 This event is co-sponsored by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

Designed by the New Strategy Center along with its partners and with co-sponsorship from the NATO-PDD, the ‘Black Sea and Balkans Security Forum’ is envisaged as an annual framework to strengthen and develop networks between security analysts, decision makers, academics and media representatives based in these regions of strategic importance to the Euro-Atlantic security. The Black Sea and Balkans Security Forum has become an annual event jointly organized by the Bucharest-based New Strategy Center together with the Ovidius University and the Metropolitan Area Authorities of Constanța.


Hotel Del Mar, Mamaia, Constanța




No matter how one looks at the map, the Black Sea and the Balkans stand out as a geopolitical space where many interests overlap and occasionally collide. For those who have the intellectual curiosity and are brave enough to explore the meanders of complexity – this is the place to look at.

With so many developments, good or bad, having occurred in the past year, the Forum of 2018 seeks to examine the present security environment in the Black Sea and the Balkans, mindful of the harsh lessons of history but with an eye on, hopefully, a better future.

Wednesday, 13 June

Participants’ arrival

Thursday, 14 June

09.00 – 10.00 – Registration

Thursday, 14 June

20.30 Official reception

Friday, 15 June

20.30 Traditional local evening

Saturday, 16 June

20.30 Farewell dinner

Sunday, 17 June

Participants’ departure

Previous edition (2017)

The first such event was held, also in Constanta, in June 2017, providing a platform for informed debate among officials, scholars, analysts, representatives of non-governmental organizations and international experts on the topical issues of the region.

The event was non-political, as it involved mainly academics and NGO representatives, which provided bolder conclusions.